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When and Where to Attack

A general rule of thumb for when to attack while all four players are at the non-volley zone is when the ball is above net height. This attackable ball can be either one that is “volley- able” or a dink that has bounced too high and has a peak that is above the net. In general,
the higher the ball is above the net, the more attackable the ball is.

• In general, an attack hit at a downward angle toward your opponent’s feet is hardest for him/her to defend and you almost always want all attacks to be going downward rather than up. If your attack is going up, this could lead your opponents to potentially be able to attack it back; and usually at a much faster pace than the one you hit.
• Another great spot to attack is in between your opponents, which can cause miscommunication and usually has a larger opening.
• If there is an opening anywhere on your opponents’ court, that will also be a good place to attack.
• A riskier spot to attack, but needs to also be utilized, is your opponent’s shoulder of the paddle-holding arm. This causes him/her
to be caught in a “chicken wing” position, which is difficult to defend.

Christine McGrath resides in Los Angeles, CA. She is a US Open Pro Champion, 6x Tournament of Champions medalist, Professional Pickleball Federation Desert and Northwest Champion, and 11x Nationals medalist. She also enjoys the outdoors, dirt biking, snowboarding, and traveling.

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