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Have you ever wondered why some top players choose to hit a two-handed backhand, even though the handle grip is small and one-handed backhands in pickleball have plenty of power due to the light ball and paddle? Well, I’m more comfortable hitting the two-handed backhand because it affords me some benefits that one-handers lack.

With the correct form, this shot can be a very effective weapon. The benefit that my off hand provides is unparalleled security and stability of paddle face control. By striking the ball with two hands, and using my body weight and legs, the result is center-paddle strikes and consistent power.

Position is the key to executing this shot properly. Set your feet early and give yourself adequate space to hit the ball. Players are often too close or too far away when striking the ball—a recipe for a faulty shot. Strike the ball at waist level—out in front of your body. You will feel the power and consistency as your passing shots fly past your opponents.

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