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One way to reach balls effectively is to use a lunge step. This is particularly useful when reaching balls that are short inside the kitchen, and also when an opponent has made you stretch to reach for a ball. This shot will help you get to balls that you couldn’t get to otherwise. If done correctly, this footwork will allow you to be balanced and in position to reset the point with a good dink shot.

When using this footwork, make sure you are stepping with your dominant foot. In other words, if the paddle is in your right hand, step with your right foot. If the paddle is in your left hand, step with your left foot. This
footwork will allow you to easily reach forward for short balls and even make those net dripping balls possible to return.

Forward Lunge Step
By stepping with your dominant foot you can reach balls very efficiently and also be able to quickly pull your foot back to get both feet behind the kitchen.

Lunge Step to Reach to the Side
This step will allow you to reach to the side without crossing your feet. Make sure that as you hit, you get your body as still as possible with good balance. This will allow you to still reset the shot with a nice dink.

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