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Product Reviews

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If you are new to pickleball and are overwhelmed by the number of paddle options on the market, don’t lose your temper, just go to TMPR Sports ( online.

TMPR Sports was started by Doug and Diana and their son Taylor Clark, whose initial market research showed that most of the top pickleball players migrate to the sport from tennis or another racquet sport. With that knowledge...

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When it comes to small family businesses, the Barnes family of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, could be the archetypical model. Founded by brothers...

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Onix - The Next Generation

In response to the increasing demand for innovation in the sport of pickleball, ONIX Pickleball has invested in Graphite...

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Gamma Sports

GAMMA Sports originally had an untraditional and unique start in tennis, and again in pickleball before enjoying the recognition...

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USA Pickleball

If you've been involved in the sport of pickleball over the past six years, you have witnessed both growth and evolution...

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Players Pickleball

Pickleball MAGAZINE sat down with Josh Bechtel, Co-founder-Director of Product Development and Manufacturing for Players Pickleball, LLC, to talk...

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Prolite Sports

When Neil Friedenberg was a young boy, playing pickleball in the fitness center at his dad’s place
of work, he never knew...

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Wolfe Pickleball

When Wolfe Pickleball started out, they were much different than they are today. The small reseller that stocked...

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Curtis Smith’s introduction to pickleball was a reluctant one. An advertising and marketing executive who worked for a large department store, he’d never...

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As a global leader in sporting equipment, HEAD has entered the pickleball market in a big way, formally making a commitment to the sport...

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