Les Pritchard was reluctant to try pickleball. The former collegiate athlete didn’t think it would be challenging enough when his wife, Lynette (Nettie), tried to get him on the court. It didn’t take long, however, for him to fall in love with the sport and the pickleball community. The Pritchards now play competitively, and Les is the VP of the Quad City Pickleball Club.

Les and Nettie agreed there was a huge opportunity for their company, VIM Today, to help players with the challenges of getting effective nutrition for the energy to play for hours, to recover post-play and to be Pickle Fit for Life! “Nutrition is key to improve and maintain vitality and longevity, not only to play pickleball, but to stay alert and strong to be around for our kids and grandchildren,” says Nettie.

"Pickleball is a unique game because of the ease for any age or activity level. Whether you play competitively or for fun, pickleball is a serious workout that deserves serious attention. We see inflammation, dehydration and pre- and post-game injuries in the pickleball world and among baby boomers in general. Our focus is to supply the body with concentrated, whole-food nutrition before and after these conditions occur, both on or off the court.”

After 25 years of clinical practice, owning a health food store/café, and teaching how inflammation, endurance and healing is dramatically improved with the quality, type and amount of whole-food nutrition we consume, Nettie realized she could create a better product than what was on the market. “Our organic products are manufactured in the United States, are 100 percent whole food, with nothing synthetic and zero fillers. They are designed to supply the nutrition we lack in our diets, keep people healthy and make it as convenient and cost-effective as possible with the best ingredients available,” she says.

“We know we need to eat better to be healthy, but our fast-paced lifestyles often sideline our efforts. Our #1 product is our VIM Super Food smoothie that includes protein, probiotics and 50 medicinal plants. It supplies everything you need in one meal replacement. We use it every day for breakfast and we’re ready to play with sustained energy and stable blood sugar for hours. It’s good for pre- and post-workout or any time you feel sluggish, and it’s more effective than a daily vitamin. VIM Super Food is an all-inclusive convenient food we won’t leave home without when we travel and is used by professional athletes, hobbyists, children and in medical offices. The quality and versatility make it an easy and uplifting addition to any diet.”

The Pritchards lecture nationwide on the benefits of nutrition and longevity and offer free tips on their Facebook community, PICKLE FIT. You can join at bit.ly/picklefit.

For more information on VIM Today’s healthy lifestyle products, or if you’re interested in a wellness presentation for your pickleball group or club, go to vimtoday.com, call 563.209.7844 or email the Pritchards at support@vimtoday.com. VIM products are available online and there’s a 20 percent discount for readers (Code PB20).