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For nearly 60 years, the Mueller name has been synonymous with sports medicine. Started by athletes for athletes, the company’s product lines of sports medicine products have grown significantly over the years with design and conceptual input from professional athletes, coaches and certified athletic trainers to biomechanical engineers, orthopedic surgeons and other medical doctors. You can find Mueller’s various sport care and performance products on professionals in the ATP, NBA, MLB, and NFL as well as Division I college and high school athletes.

“Mueller products are Built In Sport, Made For Life,” said CEO Brett Mueller. “Our grass roots consumers are athletes and certified athletic trainers who demand products that help relieve pain from injuries and assist in speedy recovery specific to sports.”

With the sport of pickleball growing as it has, it’s no surprise that the number of Mueller products is increasing on the courts.

“We see a lot of pickleball players already wearing knee, elbow and forearm braces, graduated compression wear—leggings and arm sleeves that offer graduated compression,” said John Cayer, president. “We’ve also seen a growth in products that help your grip. Our Pro Strips finger tape is a pressure sensitive adhesive mesh that helps prevent calluses and abrasions while holding the paddle. These products help athletes stay in the game and compete at the level they’re capable of.”

“We see pickleball as a very fast-growing sport that has a lot of need for keeping players in the game and keeping their injuries aches and pains at bay so they can play more,” Mueller said. “All of our products are available nationally—either on our website, and other e-tailers, through local sports stores and grocery stores, or at Walgreens and Walmart. We’ve made it as easy for the consumer to find our products that not only are perfect for professionals, they’re great for everyday athletes to go beyond the pickleball court. They’re perfect for just walking around every day and staying active to help you stay in the game of life.”

In addition to support tapes, orthopedic braces and supports, graduated compression wear, cold therapy and protection products, Mueller also offers its famous Quench Sport Gum, which is a unique sport gum available on the market. Not only does Quench keep the juices flowing so you don’t end up with a dry mouth on the court, it also contains the electrolytes and salts that are commonly found in sports drinks.

For more information on Mueller Sports Medicine, Inc. and their complete product line, go to You can find Mueller Sports Medicine products at sports stores, grocery stores, all major online retailers, and Walgreens and Walmart stores. All of their products are available over the counter, without the need for a prescription from your doctor. You can also find them at the National Tournament in Indian Wells in November, where they are proud to be a new major sponsor.

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