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In 2007, Trevor Meier started to help tennis players find a partner, locate courts, and set up leagues and tournaments. The site has since grown to more than 80,000 members and growing fast. Now, Meier has set his sites on doing the same for pickleball.“

Like a lot of people, I ended up catching the pickleball bug. I soon realized the tennis software we have been developing for the past 12 years, was exactly what the sport of pickleball needed. From finding a court, or looking for a partner, to organizing ladders, leagues and tournaments. We already had everything built!”

Global Pickleball Network (or “GPN” for short) was soon born, and released at the end of 2018. “Since pickleball and tennis are so similar, it was a really easy development. It is now just a matter of getting people to use it.”

The most popular feature on the tennis version, is the ladder leagues, where players challenge each other to a match. “It is like king of the mountain. The goal is to get to the top.” Players submit their scores, and the points and statistics are calculated automatically. “Once you get a ladder league started, they basically run themselves.”

Along with ladder leagues, any member can create and run their own team leagues or tournaments. All of which can be created for free in minutes. “You can even take online payments if you want to charge an entry fee.”

To keep all your events and players organized, you can create an online community called a “network”. Networks give you many additional tools to manage your members, charge yearly fees, organize repeating events, post news, and even take court reservations. “Networks are great for clubs, or groups of people who play regularly. They are very similar to a Meetup group, but with tools designed specifically for pickleball.”

The site also calculates your singles and doubles playing levels. This is done using all the matches you have played on GPN (including practice matches). The algorithm itself took years to develop and perfect.

“It’s a very accurate algorithm, and it gets more accurate the more matches you play.” Meier says. “What’s more, it automatically updates nightly, so if you’re playing daily, your calculated levels can change daily as well.” You can even track your playing levels over time, to see how much you have improved.

Landing at the site, all you need to do is enter your zip code to see all the pickleball players, courts, and events nearby. There’s also a video demo on the home page that gives players a complete rundown of all the functionality the site provides. Registration is fast, and completely free. The website is also 100% mobile friendly, eliminating the need to download an app.

For more information, or to test drive the website for yourself, go to:

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