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In the world of pickleball, you find people from all walks of life on the court. And, if you play in Arizona or Wyoming, you may have already met Jerry Doerr, owner of Amish Origins, a company based in Wyoming that makes natural pain relief ointments and creams that are perfect for pickleball aches and pains.

“I spend the winters in Arizona, which is where I picked up the game about five years ago. I have golfer’s elbow that’s painful enough to wake me up at night,” Doerr said. “I was introduced to the product in 2000, tried it, and within less than a minute, my pain was gone. I couldn’t believe it, ‘What is this stuff?’ I asked myself. My brother-in-law in Utah plays about three times a week. He has a sore knee and he tried some and now it’s the only thing that keeps him going. It worked so well for us that I ended up buying the company.”

The formula for the Amish Origins products has remained unchanged for more than 80 years, however, the formula was strengthened in 2002 and includes natural essential oils including camphor, pine needle oil, wintergreen, eucalyptus and menthol. While some of those ingredients can only be sourced overseas where they grow, everything that can be sourced in the US is and the product is entirely American made. While the original product has a petrolatum base, the company came up with a greaseless cream version especially for athletes that also includes aloe vera.

"We needed something for people who play sports that wasn't slippery, "You don't want to put some on for an arthritis flare up or sore spot and then have your paddle. slip out of your hand while you’re playing. Our greaseless cream formula is perfect for players in all sports because it goes on and relieves the pain without creating a mess.” The company also offers users a liquid spray version. They also produce a draw salve for sores, splinters and stings, and chickweed salve for cuts, burns and rashes. Everything in their inventory is based on the original formula of natural essential oils developed in Amish country back in the 1930’s.

In addition to their pain relief creams and ointments, Amish Origins also came up with a lip balm which was also designed around the blend of essential oils, called Lip Doc, that heals painful chapped and cracked lips while also protecting wearers from the harmful rays of the sun. It’s SPF 15 UV protection will shield your lips from damaging UV rays all year round while you’re outside on the court. There is no other Lip Balm like it because of the blend of essential oils included in the formula.

While you won’t find it in major chain stores, Amish Origins is carried in plenty of independent stores in every state throughout the country. It is even distributed in Canada. If you can’t find it near you, you can order it directly from their website at or by calling 888.530.7643.

No matter where you purchase Amish Origins, the company has a 30-day money back guarantee, so there’s nothing to lose except your aches and pains.

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