Meet The Players

Tyson McGuffin

When Yaki-ma, Washington, tennis pro Tyson McGuffin first came to pickleball, he came as a tennis player. Now that he has more than a few gold medals for singles playing under his...

Dave Weinback

Weinbach’s introduction to the sport came while he was visiting his parents who had moved to Surprise, Arizona,...

Ben Johns

At 19, Ben Johns is already leaving his mark on the world. In both his athletic and academic lives, Johns is on... 

Marcin Rozpedski

As the sport of pickleball sweeps the nation, grabbing up youth and high-level tennis competition, Marcin Rozpedski...

Daniel and Scott Moore

“A good friend named John Foss asked me the fateful question, ‘Do you want to play pickleball with me?’”

Simone Jardim and Corinne Carr

Standout players Simone Paiva Jardim and Corrine Carr are quickly becoming prodigies on the pickleball court.

Anna Leigh Waters

You don’t see Anna Leigh Waters too often without her mother, Leigh. It’s not because the two are pickleball pros