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PRO-file: Behind the Scenes with Pro Tyson McGuffin

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Age: 31
Hometown: Lake Chelan, WA
Profession: Professional pickleball athlete
Family: Married with three kids and a fourth on the way
Pickleball Ranking: PPA #2 singles, #3 men's doubles, #5 mixed doubles
Titles: Triple Crown winner st Newport Beach

Describe your style of play.
I am an all-court player. My game is built around speed, physicality, serve, forehand, and determination.

What is your favorite shot?
My forehand speed-up with a forehand clean-up.

You are a converted tennis player. What is the primary difference inthe sports?
The court dimensions and technology as well as understanding the soft game in pickleball and knowing how to slow the ball down.

What is one thing you would like to see happen in pickleball?
I'd like to see it in the Olympics. l'd like to see more money and more credibility.

How do you wind down after a match?
I really don't wind down. I'm wiry and squirrelly. But I do use a Bemer to recover.

You walk like a winner. When did you develop that strut?
I come from a wrestling family. My father, Randy, was a wrestling coach and I am the youngest of seven, six boys and one girl. My father said, "When you feel good, you play good. Walk like a winner."

How important is the serve in pickleball?
It definitely is a weapon.

At what age should kids start playing pickleball?
There is no specific age. Mine started playing sports at age 5. It depends on their motor skills.

What is your motto in life?
Be a good human. It comes back. All you have is family.

How has living in the Pacific Northwest shaped your character?
I grew up in a little town, Lake Chelan. It is beautiful. Now I live in Coeur d'Alene on five acres. It makes you want to give back.

Who has been the greatest influence in your life?
My dad.

What makes you special?
Being the best human and the best dad that I can be.

Explain your desire for tattoos.
My older brother Travis has two sleeves. Mine all tell a story. My right sleeve is about my dad and my son Tyson. My left sleeve is family oriented.

Any other special tattoos?
On my arm it says, "We may encounter many defeats, but we will not be defeated."

What country would you most like to visit?
The Bahamas. We never had time for a honeymoon. It looks lovely and tropical.

Where did you get your work ethic?
My dad was an athlete and my mom is a businesswoman.

What is your lucky number?
It is 7. I have seven siblings and "7" is tattooed on my right arm.

What is your favorite song to pump you up for a match?
I like rap music, but I don't listen if the kids are in the car. I like 21 Savage and "Spiral."

If you were a roller coaster, what would your name be?
The Impossible.

What is your greatest regret?
Not putting work into my high school years. By the seventh child my parents took their foot off the gas. I should have worked harder so I could get into a Division I school to play tennis.

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