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The son of Jason and Nichole Munro, Jack was introduced to pickleball 18 months ago. He started playing when a torn rotator cuff sidelined him from playing baseball.

“My dad was playing pickleball, so I started playing left-handed because my right hand was in a sling. That’s why I am now ambidextrous. I loved pickleball so much that I quit baseball altogether.”

Jack was first noticed by Pickleball Magazine at the USAPA Nationals last November in Arizona where, at age 11, he took: Gold in the 11-14 Boys Singles, Gold in the 11-14 Mixed Doubles, and Silver in the 11-18 Boys Doubles.

Jack said, “I have a lot of medals. I don’t remember every one of them but they’re all in my room.” He added, “I remember the (2) Gold and Silver medals from the Nationals the most.”

An avid athlete, Jack is now focusing on pickleball. He said, “Pickleball is awesome in general. You don’t have to run and sprint as much as tennis and there are barely any injuries.”

Asked about his future, he said, “There are four things I am thinking about doing when I get older: 1.) I want to be an architect for big houses 2.) It would be a dream to play in the NBA 3.) Being a pickleball pro would be fun and 4.) Of course, taking over my dad’s insurance business would be great.”

Jack has another goal, one he is very likely to achieve: “In pickleball, I would like to win an open tournament. I would also like to be the youngest person to win a 5.0 or Open Tournament.” We’re confident he’ll do both very soon.

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