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Fourteen-year old Carson (CJ) Klinger from Granville, Ohio is a traveling pickleball player who is homeschooled and takes RV vacations with his family around pickleball tournaments. Not only are the trips adding medals to his trophy case, but the family also makes a point to stop at historic locations and to learn about various cultures.

Carson’s pickleball passion began while vacationing on Sanibel Island, where both he and his dad quickly became pickleball addicts. His favorite shot is his two- handed backhand crosscourt with topspin that he calls the “creeper.”

Carson’s parents wanted to ensure that he was able to play regularly and since there weren’t any local courts nearby, they built their own in the backyard!
“We built the court so Carson and I could play regularly, especially singles and to provide a place for others to have the opportunity to learn the game and play,” said Carson’s dad, Darrin.

Carson is a member of the Columbus Pickleball Club and appreciates being sponsored by Selkirk; he uses the Invikta Amped for singles and Epic Vanguard for doubles. This summer CJ won his first two 5.0
19+ gold medals in singles and doubles. Recently, he earned a silver in singles at the Mid Atlantic South Regional.

“I was so happy to win my first 5.0 gold medal in singles and doubles, and especially to win with my dad,” said Carson.

Before pickleball, Carson played a variety of sports, including soccer, basketball, baseball, karate, and tennis. He reached the #1 ranking with tennis in the 10U USTA Ohio Valley District and remained highly ranked, playing up in 12U and 14U. In his spare time, Carson loves to be outdoors playing in the woods, building bonfires, hiking, biking, and building items in the workshop. He loves math and science and is interested in getting a college degree in nutrition and fitness. •

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