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Sick Trx Singles is a great way to practice doubles with only two people. We play this instead of half-court singles because it takes the handicap out of half-court singles. Sometimes people tape off part of the court or don’t allow around-the-post shots. 

Here’s how it works: Each player stays on the same side of the court that their score dictates. If I’m even, I’ll be on the right side of the court; if I’m odd, I’ll be on the left side of the court. My opponent does the same and, therefore, we get all four angles in one game.

The other difference is that around-the-post shots are legal and don’t have to land in the square you’re in. Sick Trx Singles 100 percent mimics doubles—with just two people—so you can get a great workout in a short amount of time. 

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In less than 5 months of being opened, Pickles has evolved from a simple idea to a way of life for anyone who walks through their front doors. Their evolution continues to develop as co-founders Lisa DeMeritt and Wanda Melampy write the next chapter of their story.

For those who don’t know, Pickles is an indoor, first-of-its-kind, state-of-the-art, 100% climate controlled, pickleball-only complex located in Hanover, Massachusetts. Much in the original spirit of the creation of pickleball, their vision was to create a bright, clean, safe, family-friendly experience that served as a gathering place for pickleball enthusiasts from 4 to 94 who love to play, as well as for those brand new to the sport.

In the beginning, DeMeritt and Melampy could only boast their passion and drive as they themselves were playing pickleball constantly. Completely hooked on the sport, they spent as much time on the courts as they could and discovered the sport’s impact on others. Although New England had a number of converted pickleball courts with temporary nets and some outdoor recreational areas to play, DeMeritt and Melampy had a gut feeling that something significant was missing, even if no one else was on board yet.

Chief Operating Officer of Facebook Sheryl Sandberg quoted, “If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask which seat, just get on.”

Well, that’s what these two strong- willed entrepreneurs did. It took a realization to put all of the pieces together, along with hard work, determination, passion and a simple belief in purpose beyond profit. Pickleball was not fun for them just because it was great exercise and provided a healthy dose of competition. It was the togetherness of it all, the time

that they spent on the courts, laughing, kindling new friendships with each shot, and creating memories of a lifetime. “We just had a feeling that other people would love it as much as we did – if they just had the chance to play,” Melampy said.

“The reception we’ve received is beyond belief,” DeMeritt said. Almost two-thirds of Pickles’ already 1,800 registered members had never held a pickleball paddle before. That’s over 1,200 people who succeeded in the opportunity to try something totally new. “It’s tremendously rewarding to watch people of all ages, shapes, backgrounds and abilities connect, elevate themselves, enrich the lives of others and find a sense of belonging,” DeMeritt added.

Capturing that lightning in a bottle, Pickles has quickly expanded their Performance Coaching, Leagues,
Clinics, Tournaments, 4D Player Rating Program and Brand Offerings.

Everything has happened so quickly, but Pickles’ vision remains steadfast: To grow the sport OF f pickleball one player at a time.“What we wanted to buildwereuser-friendly, beautifully designed, and easy-to-use pickleball-only courts where people could play the amazing sport of pickleball. What we never expected was for people to tell us that Pickles ‘changed their life,’ or gave them a ‘sense of purpose,’” Melampy said. “Pickleball matters, and it is important to all of us. We’re just glad we can play a small part in that,” DeMeritt added.

Pickles. Where Pickleball Fanatics Gather to Dink & Drink! For more information, visit, give them a call at 781.816.5021 or dropin to say hello—you’ll be glad you did.

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