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Practice Drill: Dink, Lob, Drop, Reset

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We practice and practice our dinking shots so we can neutralize our opponents’ ability to attack us. At the same time, a properly disguised offensive lob can be easily executed from a seemingly harmless dink shot. Here’s a great drill for three people to practice dinking, lobbing, hitting a successful drop shot and, finally, completing the exchange with a good fourth shot kitchen drop.

Although a young, energetic team can do this drill with two players, most find it easier to complete with three. Here’s the proper three-player sequence:

• Player B dinks the ball with Player A.

• When properly set and balanced, Player A executes a disguised lob over Player B. The goal is to hit the ball high enough that Player B cannot reach it, and deep enough that it falls in the back 3 to 5 feet of the court.

• Player C will then hit a drop back to Player A in the kitchen.

• Player A will complete the sequence by re-dropping the ball back to Player B in the kitchen.

• Repeat and be sure to rotate so everyone gets an opportunity with each shot.

When done properly, these shots will allow you to practice your dinks, lobs, drops and reset shots in a controlled and cooperative setting.

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