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What do you do if one or two extra players are sitting out the usual 15 minutes waiting to get on the court for the next game? Why not bring them into the Mortimore game? According to Las Vegas teaching pro Pat Carol, Mortimore (Mildred if a lady) is that invisible third player who plays doubles while positioned in the middle of the court... and he/she is really bad. So hit the ball to Mortimore. This is excellent for 2-on-1 games (Image A).

\Two Louisiana ambassadors told us about getting more playing time by playing three on a side. So, here in Casper, Wyoming, a real life “Mortimore” starts out playing behind the baseline and in the middle of the court, moving up a step or two when his teammates get to the kitchen (Image B/Player E). And the fun part is, other than not receiving serve, Mortimore can play any ball, but usually ones hit down the middle. The kicker is that when one of the non- Mortimore players hits the ball into the net or out of bounds, he/she trades places with Mortimore. It’s as simple as that.

The Mortimore game forces you to play better mentally so that you don’t get stuck in the middle. Also, as Mortimore, it gives you a chance to “read” the offense, observe the game, and see if you
can get into position to return an otherwise sure passing shot. It’s a good experience all around and you also get time to rest if you’re in the Mortimore position.

Next time there are one or two people waiting to play, just invite them to play Mortimore and see how much you will love this take on our wonderful game.

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