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January 23, 2023

Tres Palapas

By Laura Gainor

Tres Palapas

Take a trip down the pristine Pacific Coast with Pickleball in the Sun as we travel to Baja California Sur, Mexico, to take in the undeniable beauty of Tres Palapas, the premiere Baja pickleball resort.


Tres Palapas Baja Pickleball Resort is a one-of-a-kind global pickleball destination in the heart of Los Barriles, Mexico. Just minutes north of the popular tourist destination of Cabo San Lucas, Tres Palapas offers tourists an unbeatable combination of competitive pickleball, sand beaches, good eats, and sunshine.


With a passion for pickleball and vacation combined, Tres Palapas was built by Paul Bland and Sally Meecham, who just seven years ago went all-in to purchase land and build a unique pickleball destination—and have since perfected the secret sauce for “community” tourism.


“We are proud of our contribution to pickleball, to Mexico and the wonderful community of Los Barriles,” said Meecham. “Now in our sixth season of operation as a ‘top global must-see pickleball destination,’ we can say with confidence we have gained a solid understanding of the business and economics of pickleball and community.”


This is the perfect destination that can cater to the competitive pickler, the enthusiastic social pickler, or those just looking to get some sunshine on the courts. If you happen to be a local (Lucky you!), Tres Palapas offers membership opportunities. The venue boasts 10 welcoming pickleball and championship courts and has come to be recognized as the “Number-One Pickleball Destination in Mexico,” the #4 “Top Global Destination,” and a 2018 “Top Baja Must-See.”


In addition to casual play, Tres Palapas hosts a variety of events each month across all 10 of the courts. From happy hour pickleball sessions to the Hot Summer Night Pickleball series, the venue offers players a chance to get together and play the sport on both a social and competitive basis. Additionally, it provides members with the opportunity to attend clinics, take pickleball lessons, and participate in exciting tournaments throughout the season.


It is not uncommon for pickleball enthusiasts to return year after year to Tres Palapas. Mike Branon, author of the book “Pickleball & The Art of Living,” already has his next trip planned for May.


“A typical day might consist of an early morning walk on the beach, coffee or a smoothie at the great cafe at the club, several hours of pickleball, and lunch in town followed by a poolside or beachfront siesta,” said Branon. “For the more adventurous, there are ATVs for rent, paddleboarding, kayaking and kitesurfing. I recommend a full week here so you can fully explore and relax into the Mexican vibe.”


While Tres Palapas is home to courts only, there are a variety of convenient vacation and rental properties just moments away. On-site accommodations are under construction and are expected to be ready this March.


Visit for a more in-depth review of Tres Palapas from seasoned traveler Mike Branon, and find out why it’s the “#1 Pickleball Destination in Mexico.”  •

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