Tips & Lessons


By Alex Hammer and Jennifer Lucore

Rhythm—some players have it; some players don’t. Improve your service rhythm and you could get better. A rhythm or routine for your serve can drastically improve your serve’s consistency, power and placement.

2 Primary Purposes of a Dink

Most people who have played pickleball for more than about 30 seconds know what a dink is. After all, it’s one of the most commonly used terms out on the court.

Improve Your Dink With The Cross-Court Dink

Steve Paranto invites us to his home court where he explains the massive improvements you can make to your game....

The Lunge Step

One way to reach balls effectively is to use a lunge step. This is particularly useful when reaching balls that are short inside the kitchen,

Returning an Effective Cross-Court Dink

The cross-court dink is a very effective shot when trying to move your opponents off to one...

Paddle Up and Win

You’ve probably been told during your pickleball training to keep your paddle up. The paddle-up or ready position can

The No Volley Zone Is Much Like Chess

What makes pickleball different from every other sport? The two parallel lines we stand on that define the no volley zone.

Covering The Net Together

Do you ever find the ball passing through openings between you and your partner? You’re not alone. 

Dinking Strategies

When I’m not playing on the tour, I truly enjoy meeting new people and running clinics around the country. 

Hitting and Defending Around the Post

When a player is pulled out wide past the net post, he/she has two shot options. One option is to
put the...

Dinking 101

In this episode, he breaks down the basics of the dink, and talks about why it is so important. Be...