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By Sarah Ansboury

There are lots of things to think about when running down a lob. Which partner is going to retrieve it? Is the wind affecting it? Can it be hit in the air? Should I drop or drive it? All are important, but none is more important than doing it safely! 

You Ran Down the Lob, Now What

In the last issue we talked about running down a lob safely. Now, we focus on what’s next. What do you do with the pickleball...

Tips for Better Overheads

My favorite shot in pickleball? The overhead! Why? Simply put, it is a fun shot to hit. There are some key components...

To Retreat or Not to Retreat

What’s the deal with retreating? You know what I mean — when you and your partner have worked your... 

The W's of Successful Lobbing

When I think of a player who uses the lob most effectively, my good friend Enrique Ruiz comes to mind. I’ve had...

When To Lob

Utilizing a lob is a great tactic in offensive play at the NVL. Timing is the most important aspect of lobbing.

It's All About the Base

Most people who teach pickleball to seniors are unaware of the responsibility they are taking on. It's not...

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