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By Sarah Ansboury

There are lots of things to think about when running down a lob. Which partner is going to retrieve it? Is the wind affecting it? Can it be hit in the air? Should I drop or drive it? All are important, but none is more important than doing it safely! 

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You Ran Down the Lob, Now What

In the last issue we talked about running down a lob safely. Now, we focus on what’s next. What do you do with the pickleball...

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Tips for Better Overheads

My favorite shot in pickleball? The overhead! Why? Simply put, it is a fun shot to hit. There are some key components...

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To Retreat or Not to Retreat

What’s the deal with retreating? You know what I mean — when you and your partner have worked your... 

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The W's of Successful Lobbing

When I think of a player who uses the lob most effectively, my good friend Enrique Ruiz comes to mind. I’ve had...

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When To Lob

Utilizing a lob is a great tactic in offensive play at the NVL. Timing is the most important aspect of lobbing.

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It's All About the Base

Most people who teach pickleball to seniors are unaware of the responsibility they are taking on. It's not...

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