Tips & Lessons


By Robert Elliott

Volleying correctly is possibly the most important facet of pickleball for players at nearly every level. Many people tend to add too much movement to their volleys, so remember the phrase “Less is more.” 

The Block Shot

Blocking hard shots correctly is a very important facet of the game. Most people add too much movement to their “block shot.”

The Backhand Roll

The backhand roll (some call it the flick) is my favorite shot in pickleball. Much of my game plan at the kitchen line is focused...

Swinging Volleys

As more and more people play pickleball, the game and strategies are changing. A great example of this is the use of...

Advanced Kitchen Tricks

These advanced kitchen tricks do not involve any cooking ware. All you need is a paddle, some players, and...

Policing The Pickleball

Tim Connor retired from a 33-year law enforcement career at the rank of Commander with the Farmington Hills,...

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