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Your grip is the key connecting point linking the paddle to your body. When you subject your joints, tendons and connective tissues to repetitive and abnormal stress, it will tear and break down over time. Tackling this problem is the reason IQGrip was invented.

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RTS Rebounder

When Cliff Fiore started playing pickleball, it was the mid-1980s and he was working as an engineer for Boeing. While he loved the sport...

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Les Pritchard was reluctant to try pickleball. The former collegiate athlete didn’t think it would be challenging...

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California Sports Court Surfaces

Today, we are seeing an evolutionary movement toward professional designed...

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Amish Origins

In the world of pickleball, you find people from all walks of life on the court. And, if you play in Arizona or Wyoming, you may have already met... 

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Pickleball Gold Jewelry

Pickleball enthusiast Voytek Stradomski creates beautiful, high-quality pickleball jewelry for players.

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Mueller Sports Medicine

For nearly 60 years, the Mueller name has been synonymous with sports medicine. Started by athletes for...

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