Getting Started


Here is a brief, easy-to-follow guide to playing pickleball so you can share your beloved game with family, friends and your community. We picklers all know it’s a great way to bring people together. It gets everyone moving, interacting and, most importantly, it’s fun!

'In My Defense'

As a student of the game of pickleball, I’ve attended numerous boot camps and clinics, taken private lessons, and watched nearly every instructional video on YouTube...

Whats Your Level

Use this guide to determine your skill level and ultimately determine your chance of experiencing a more competitive and enjoyable match.

How to Set up a Temporary Court

It’s Summertime! And what’s more fun in the summer than playing pickleball in your neighborhood?

Building Your Dream Court

With all the rewards my family and I have enjoyed since we first took up the sport, last year, my wife and I set out to build a pickleball court in our backyard.

Chalk It Up - How To Mark Courts

As pickleball explodes across the country and around the world, players are finding new and creative places to play. 

50 Years in the Making

In the world of sports, there are very few games that have evolved from such an amalgam of unrelated things as pickleball.

"The Official Magazine of Pickleball"- USAPA

Pickleball Magazine has never been more illustrated: intensity, passion, meaning, insights, tournaments, products. Pickleball Magazine covers it all and goes out to over 100K readers every issue.

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