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IQ Grips

Your grip is the key connecting point linking the paddle to your body. When you subject your joints, tendons and connective tissues to repetitive and abnormal stress, it will tear and break down over time. Tackling this problem is the reason IQGrip was invented.

RTS Rebounder

When Cliff Fiore started playing pickleball, it was the mid-1980s and he was working as an engineer for Boeing. While he loved the sport...

What Net to Get

Although paddles are usually top of mind in pickleball, don’t forget other important equipment needed to play.

LevelUp Bag

The LevelUp Backpack has been specifically designed and manufactured for pickleball. 

Pickleball Tutor

The vast majority of pickleball players will not experience any meaningful spin on their opponents’ shots. Pickleball is different from tennis in this regard.

Choosing the Right Paddle

Have you ever wondered how a manufacturer could produce two paddles of identical size, yet one weighs half an ounce more?

Franklin X-40 Gets Results

Most players take it for granted that the pickleballs they use will have a consistent bounce, last a long time and not go out of round.


GAMMA Sports originally had an untraditional and unique start in tennis, and again in pickleball, before enjoying the recognition it does today.


Lobs, Overheads and Recovery

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